Khamis, 23 Jun 2011


The most beautiful things in life are love. Love is subjective. Worldwide definition is about heart. Nothing can be compared to the true love. But so hard to find in these years.....only the right person have the chance to feel the truth of love.

We run our life passing through each stage of age...growing and learn new things and experiences many moments together or sometimes alone by ourselves. When we talk about life and love its means something to each individual in this world. For me love is my life. I stay alive coz of love. The magic of love is a miracle for me. It's so beautiful, fantastic, romantic, happy time and sad time....laughing, crying and screaming. All includes in my dream of love.

I had a very grate moment with my late husband. He taught me the way of love should be. Appreciation, be together almost each second we have. Never b apart no matter what it takes. Since I married to him 6/11/1999.... I never let him go. Away from me with no reason till the end of his life. I hold his hand till the end of his life and he still the one that can makes me angry, laughing, crying and happy at one time. He's my life he's my love. I still feel warm with his love. But I'm so lenoley without him. So lonely and I don't know which way to heading. My God! Please give me strength to face this life. I'm so afraid of lonely. I miss him so much. Words never be expressed. He's everything to me. He's my whole life and he is my destiny.

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